The Voyage of Love

by Punit Yaatri

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Dear Listener,

Heaven is here.

I have tears streaming down my face as I write this to you ... I am overwhelmed by the beauty, the love, the comfort and the reassurance I am feeling right now from beautiful Divine Angelic beings who are all around me ... they are saying that, despite everything going on around us and outside us in the world, inside us is a deep ocean of pure love that is awaiting us ... all we have to do is walk through the doorway of our Heart and dive in ... and, if we choose to do so, to answer that call from within, then what awaits us is LOVE on a level that is beyond words, beyond description, beyond anything we could even imagine with our minds ... it is a feeling so sublime, so ethereal, so pure, so blissful that we will want to swim in it for eternity ... and you know what? We can.

This is what we're being shown now is OUR CHOICE to experience.

We are all being asked right now, in this moment ... are you ready to CHOOSE LOVE and make that your core vibration in your life?

This deep, intense, oftentimes painful process of learning the true reality about ourselves, who we are, why we came here and what our purpose is ... is just that ... a process, a transition, a journey ... taking us from unknowing to knowing, from separation to unity, from darkness to Light ... it is the voyage of love through self-discovery ... and that is the title I have been given for this Healing Music Journey that has been sent for you ...


This healing music journey is a voyage of love through self-discovery.

Love is not just some kind of a mushy feeling. It is a powerful vibration. It contains within it the power of healing and a power of transmutation. Love must be consciously practiced. The practice begins with awareness that love is everywhere present and that love is at the core of everything created, at the core your own being.

The practice continues by consciously choosing to express love - through all that you think and say and do.

By consciously directing love to any non-harmonious condition, you can transmute it. The powerful vibration of love contained within this healing music journey will consume and dissolve any lower, non-harmonious condition and you will witness a miracle take place before your own eyes. By cultivating love within yourself, you will raise yourself above any obstacles and dis-harmony.

By cultivating love, if any part of your body needs healing, you may experience even spontaneous, miraculous healing.

By cultivating love, your body will grow younger.

This music is for all those who seek a deeper connection to their spiritual essence, those who wish to experience the vibration of Love, those who wish to know themselves more deeply and for those who wish to experience their own multi-dimensional nature and be able to access easily and effortlessly at will.

By helping you to access and experience the Love that you are made of, this music will help to remove emotional past hurts, energetic blockages and help reveal to you what your life's purpose is.

This music has been specially composed to take you on a journey to the Heart of your own self. Please listen through high quality headphones for maximum effect and please keep your eyes closed throughout the FIRST listening (at least) if you would like to really connect with the higher dimensional nature of yourself, with Angels, with God/Universe.

This music brings new dimensions to the sacredness of life into people's reality.

When listening, try to resist the temptation of trying to figure out what's going on within the music or focusing on the sounds. If you truly wish to have a deep, powerful and profound experience, all you have to do is just relax, take 3 deep breaths in and exhale slowly, lie back, close your eyes and allow the music to flow through you. Allow the music to play you and it will take you to where you most need to go. Trust me. That's how this healing music works.

For those who are just becoming acquainted with me and my music, I would like you to know that I compose my music with only ONE INTENTION ... to enable the listener to connect to his/her Heart and feel the LOVE that we are all made of. I do this by simply opening up my own heart, getting my mind and ego out of the way and allowing the musical tones and phrases that are being "sent" to me to be played without any conscious thinking of how they should sound or controlling how they should flow.

The whole process is an intuitive one and sometimes feels like I've extended my neck upwards and my head is peering above the clouds into another dimension, another world from where this music flows freely like a gentle river made out of light and the many beautiful colours of the rainbow. It sounds like a fantasy world but to me its real. It's as real as this world and it's where I love to swim :)

When I allow this music to flow through me freely from this other world, without any desire on my part to control its natural flow, then I usually find it has a very healing effect on me and upon anyone who hears it. For me, that's the most sacred and beautiful part of the process and everytime, it's magical.

I have complete faith and trust in the process and acknowledge that a higher, benevolent, divine power is playing through me and bringing the frequency of Love through in this music.

I am honoured to play my role in bringing healing energies to all those who may be listen to this music and I pray that it takes you on a magical healing journey to somewhere that will remind you that you are made from Love and that, in reality, YOU ARE LOVE.

This music has been made with love and I pray will bring you deep and lasting feelings of peace, love, comfort and a beautiful strong connection to your own Divine Self.

You can download this music now and use it on a daily basis for your healing to have maximum effect.

Please note, this is specially prepared therapeutic music designed for healing.

All proceeds from sales go toward supporting BrainHeart Music and its use in autism, mental health, special needs child education, stress reduction in the treatment of cancer, diabetes and stroke and for the ongoing scientific research and development of music as a medicine.


Please download this music and donate from your heart what you feel this music is worth to you.

I thank you from my heart for experiencing this music and for your support.

I wish you much peace, love and joy in your life, now and always :)

With Love from Scotland,

Punit Yaatri


released May 21, 2011
all music composed, performed & produced by Punit Yaatri



all rights reserved


Punit Yaatri Edinburgh, UK

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